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Frequently Asked Questions

 When you’re thinking about finding someone to talk to and help you with any problems you feel you might have, it’s common to have loads of questions. I’ve gathered together some of the most common ones for you to have a read through. If you want to ask a question I haven’t cover here please get in touch.

What's the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?
Counselling is usually more short term than therapy and tends to focus on current presenting problems you are experiencing. Sometimes things seem to get on top of us and counselling can help you break out of negative thoughts and unhelpful behaviour patterns. Counselling usually lasts between six weeks and six months.

Counselling can take place individually, in couples or in groups depending on your needs or what you feel most comfortable with.

In Psychotherapy the focus is on a deeper level, a process that can painful, but will ultimately lead to more personal happiness and healthier relationships. The aim is to build self-awareness, compassion, understanding, respect, empathy and acceptance towards yourself and others.

Will seeing a therapist help me?
Talking therapies are an effective treatment for many mental health problems: depression, anxiety, stress etc. Having a safe space in which you can explore what is really important to you can aid personal development and help cope with distressing experiences and can help promote a sense of positive well-being.
How long will I need to attend?
This depends on your individual needs and preferences. At our initial assessment meeting, which is free of charge, I will consider what will be therapeutically beneficial for you. I usually suggest we work together for six sessions which gives me time to hear your story and then review the work.

Provided I consider it to be in your best interest, you can choose how long we work together. I will not encourage you to stay longer than necessary.

What days do you see clients?

Currently, I am available to see new clients on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the afternoons and evenings. Evening availability is very limited at present.

How frequent/long are the sessions?

For individuals initially the sessions are usually weekly and last for 50 minutes. For couples the frequency of sessions will be agreed depending of the need and what feels right to you and last for 75 minutes. 

What if I can't keep an appointment will I have to pay?
If appointments are cancelled with 48 hours’ notice, there is no charge. Otherwise, payment for cancelled session are required.
Is what I say treated in confidence?

Yes, what you say is treated in confidence. There are some circumstances in which there are limits to confidentiality related to risk. For instance, if I felt you presented a serious risk of harm to yourself or to others I am bound by a duty of care to inform the relevant authorities.